MIT Lectures: Anji White Tea + Tea and Cancer Prevention

MIT Lectures: Anji White Tea + Tea and Cancer Prevention

Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang), President of World Tea Organization (, will offer lectures on 1)Anji White Tea 2)Tea and Cancer Prevention at MIT. High quality anji white tea will be served.

MIT Lectures Time: Sat afternoon 1-3 p.m., Mar 4, Mar 11, 2017

This is a free lecture with registration. However donation is recommended for us to offer better tea and lectures for all. The tea service etc is kindly offered by

“Dr. Tea (Xingcai Zhang) ” is the President of World Tea Organization (, North American Chinese Tea Association and “Dr. Tea” is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT. He was born from Fujian, China, which is the origin of world black tea & oolong tea &white tea and the best known tea production base in China. He finished his Ph.D. in Nanomedicine (drugs/herbs for cancer treatment) and published <<Tea and Cancer Prevention>> etc papers on <<Advanced Drug Delivery Review>>, <<Nanomedicine: NBM>>,<<Journal of Cancer Research Updates>> etc journals with more than 300 scientific citations. He had be invited for tea lectures at Harvard/MIT/BU etc many times and had been reported hundreds of times by the top level US and China news agencies in English, Chinese and Esperanto. is also a link for registration and donation. For contact: Phone: 225-3041387

Location:Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue Killian Court, Cambridge, MA 02139

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