Mylovetea 2015 New Year Witness Trip to Tea village Invites You

a) Mylovetea Witness Trip win great reputation among tea friends

Due to the great job of Dr. Tea and his team, the Witness Trip to the Chinese tea villagesorganized by Mylovetea is widely recognized with great reputation by a great variety of people. During the trip, Mlt can not only be interpreted as Green Mountains, Blue Lake and the Pure Tea in the Mylovetea logo, but also as Mingle, Learn and Touch (Taste). The detailed meaning of the Mingle, Learn and Touch (Taste) is shown below: 


Mingle: Mingle yourself with nature (Tea source and production base) 



L: Learn: learn about the source, procedures & technologies for good tea production

R: T: Touch the Tea Trees (with 1000+ years’ history), leaves and grow your own Taste

Since Mylovetea witness trip is a great success, more people and those who have not been able to make it past show great interest in having another tea village witness trip themselves. Therefore, Mylovetea is urged to organize another trip at the beginning of year 2015. Here it comes. 



b) Mylovetea New Witness Trip to tea village @ New Year 2015 


c) Time and location

The location for Mylovetea New Witness Trip this time will be in Yunnan, China. Other locations and events could start later on. The date will be from Jan. 7th to 11th, 2015. 



Dear, come and enjoy a new tea experience with Mylovetea

Mylovetea/Dr.Tea茶博士Contact Information

Phone225-304-1387;  Wechat: drtea1;  Email:  










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