Beauty tea is the set of most beautiful tea in the world. Mylovetea Beauty Tea brings the healthiest and most beautiful life to you and your world. Enjoy Beauty tea, Enjoy Beauty Life. Mylovetea, My Love, My Tea ^_^

Sale! Snow Mountain Chrysanthemum 昆仑雪菊
Snow Mountain Chrysanthemum 昆仑雪菊

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Snow Mountain Chrysanthemum is a natural wild flower tea grown at the snowy mountain where the altitude is above 3000 meters. It has the aroma of wild Chrysanthemum,  the attracting colour of black tea, and the special lingering sweet.

Highly Recommendated for gift.

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Sale! blooming  tea 春暖花开茶
blooming tea 春暖花开茶

5.4oz/150g 16 blooming teas! highly recommended by Dr. Tea! on sale!

This blooming tea is a type of artistic and healthy tea packs of 16 individual premium hand-made blooming teas made of natural dried flowers and white tea silver needle for everyone to appreciate.It can be refilled multiple time to serve a whole day by yourself or enjoy multiple times with family and friends. An amazing tea for a great day!

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Sale! Health Goddess 健康女神茶
Health Goddess 健康女神茶

Mother of World Oolong Tea:Top 10 famous tea in China (Fujian, hometown of Mylovetea Dr. Tea) and the World, where the tea garden has mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and is very suitable for tea growing. It is the best known tea for beauty, frangrance, and health by tea tasting experience and science.

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Sale! osmanthus (Gui Hua) 桂花茶
osmanthus (Gui Hua) 桂花茶

Osmanthus tea is one of the 10 famous fragrant flowers in Mainland China and Taiwan, a traditional symbol of Love and Romance. A cup of osmanthus tea can fill a whole room with great sweet and fragrant smell, great tea to drink alone or with other teas.  Helpful for menopathies. Reduce the risk of the onset of cancer and diabetes.

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Sale! Notoginseng San Qi Flower 三七花
Notoginseng San Qi Flower 三七花

40g serve for 20 days

Notoginseng San Qi is a type of traditional Chinese medical herbal tea with remarkable curative effects comparable to ginseng. It is called “the miracle root for the preservation of life.” It is also call Panax notoginseng, In Latin, the word panax means “cure-all”, and the family of ginseng plants is one of the best-known herbs.  Notoginseng San Qi  exerts a number of beneficial effects on several physiological functions, including the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems.

Take 2 gram and add in water for 5 minutes. Can be refilled for multiple times and notoginseng is edible.


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Sale! Trump Tea: 穿皮花果茶
Trump Tea: 穿皮花果茶

Mylovetea Trump Tea is a very rich tea in composition and taste,like trump, fresh blend of organic spring fruits and flowers with a light berry flavor, a very well-known and widely favored tea by Dr. Tea, USDA Certified Organic and Caffeine-free. You like Trump (T), Enjoy! You don`t like Trump (T), Drink!穿皮花果茶/

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Sale! Jasmine Beauty Tea 顶级茉莉
Jasmine Beauty Tea 顶级茉莉

50g Jasmine Beauty Tea. Made by processing the highest quality jasmine and high quality green tea together 9 times to produce the highest quality jasmine beauty tea in the world.

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Sale! Lotus/Rose/Chrysantheman Pu Er Tea  荷普/玫瑰普洱/菊花普洱
Lotus/Rose/Chrysantheman Pu Er Tea 荷普/玫瑰普洱/菊花普洱


Lotus Pu Er Tea is made out of Yunnan Pu-Er tea and lotus leaf. It is a daily drink to keep your body healthy, slim and pretty and keep your soul clean. The tea soup color is frosty reddish with pleasant fragrance. Amazing tea.

Recommend for Great gift


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Sale! Moonlight white tea (Tea Virgin)  月光白茶
Moonlight white tea (Tea Virgin) 月光白茶

3.2oz/88g or 1oz/28g

Moonlight white tea is a precious white tea that is picked by female beauties under the spring moonlight, the most pristine tea virgin with multi-functions. A bright moon hung in the sky, female tea plunkers pick a bud and a leaf from the tea tea tree with dew on it, and finish plunking before dawn.  Covered them with woven bamboo strips board and hang the tea piece by piece without overlapping and then air dry for 4-5 days. It is a type of white tea with medicinal functions. The Tea Plunking Song originally written by My Love Tea “Dr. Tea” with copyright is also a good way to appreciate the beauty of the Moonlight White Tea.

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Milk Oolong Tea 奶香乌龙茶
Milk Oolong Tea 奶香乌龙茶


Milk Oolong Tea is one of the top oolong tea in Taiwan that can please all your senses. The mild yellowish liquid, together with the milky sweet fragrance and smooth, slightly honey frankincense, rich and memorable taste.

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Sale! West Lake Beauty Tea (Dragon Well Green Tea; Xi Hu Long Jing) 西湖龙井 西子茶
West Lake Beauty Tea (Dragon Well Green Tea; Xi Hu Long Jing) 西湖龙井 西子茶

West Lake Beauty Tea; Dragon Well Green Tea (Xi Hu Long Jing; Western Beauty) 西湖龙井 西子茶:One of the top 10 famous Chinese Tea produced in Hangzhou West Lake by the mountains of Lion Peak.

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Sale! Monkey King Green Tea
Monkey King Green Tea

Monkey King Green Tea: Top 10 Chinese Tea, highest quality green tea! It is legended to be plunked by monkey, and it is produced with the shape of Monkey King waving his Monkey King Bar. When in hot water, you can enjoy the Monkey King waving his bar. Enjoying it, you will be vigilant like Monkey King.

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Sale! Golden Monkey Black Tea 金猴茶 not rated $50.00$250.00 $28.88$128.88 Select options
Sale! Ceylon tea 锡兰红茶
Ceylon tea 锡兰红茶

Ceylon tea 锡兰红茶 My Love Ceylon Tea comes from Sri Lanka by using the best quality organic loose leaf tea there.  My Love Ceylon Tea is ideal to drink at any time of day and is great for ice tea too. … Continued

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