“Clay pots are the lovers of the tea of the past life!” Said by Mylovetea Dr. Tea. “They both are from the nature soil and behave the best when they meet each other”. Besides, Mylovetea clay pots are not only good for heat transfer that treats those My Love Tea the best from the scientic way, but also has high culture value with those high-end beauty of nature flowers and keep-improving technology based on thousand years technology developed at our hometown: Fujian and Jiangxi of China.

If you are a tea geek, then Mylovetea tea sets are exactly what you are looking for. Simply get a beautiful traditional Chinese tea set to appreciate the sophisticated artwork of beautiful natural scenery. A piece of Mylovetea tea set is a perfect piece for home deco, culture entertainment and tea enjoyment.—Mylovetea Dr. Tea

Sale! Tea Bags 茶叶袋
Tea Bags 茶叶袋

High quality tea bags; 100 Tea Bags; Size: 2.5″X2.2″ Inches; Great Quality: Natural materials, high-grade filter paper; Great For: Loose Tea, Coffee, Herbs, Graphene Powder, Herbal powder & More

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Sale! Monkey King Tea Infuser & Tray 茶滤
Monkey King Tea Infuser & Tray 茶滤

Use this adorable monkey stainless steel tea infuser to prepare your favorite loose tea, especially our Mylovetea Monkey Teas. Enjoy! 猴子茶滤 喝茶无虑 尤适猴茶~

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Sale! Glass Tea Set
Glass Tea Set

Glass Tea Set This beautiful tea set comes with a 27 oz teapot with a removable filter cup, a teapot warmer, and 6 units of 1.7 oz tea cups. All pieces are made entirely of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Good … Continued

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Sale! Peach Clay Teapot 陶瓷寿桃茶壶
Peach Clay Teapot 陶瓷寿桃茶壶

This Peach Clay Teapot 陶瓷寿桃茶壶 is a very fine designed Clay tea pot from the well-known Yixing. This specific teapot has the meaning of a fruitful life and longitivity. A great collection and a great teapot to enjoy.


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