Sale! Moonlight white tea (Tea Virgin)  月光白茶
Moonlight white tea (Tea Virgin) 月光白茶

3.2oz/88g or 1oz/28g

Moonlight white tea is a precious white tea that is picked by female beauties under the spring moonlight, the most pristine tea virgin with multi-functions. A bright moon hung in the sky, female tea plunkers pick a bud and a leaf from the tea tea tree with dew on it, and finish plunking before dawn.  Covered them with woven bamboo strips board and hang the tea piece by piece without overlapping and then air dry for 4-5 days. It is a type of white tea with medicinal functions. The Tea Plunking Song originally written by My Love Tea “Dr. Tea” with copyright is also a good way to appreciate the beauty of the Moonlight White Tea.

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Sale! silver needle 白毫银针
silver needle 白毫银针


Silver Needle White Tea comes from Fuding, Fujian,China, a serene region with icy waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. It is the world’s most famous white tea, and it is renowned for its sweet taste and low caffeine content.

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