星月茶思Star Moon Tea Miss

—Mylovetea.com 茶博士





Under the transparent and dissolving moonlight,

there comes the refreshing breeze.

The bright moon is in my teeth,

going into my stomach with continuous fragrance.

Orion (hunter) bows the Big Dipper arrow with strength,

aiming at the eastern world with clarity in his embrace.


赠老茶友 To Mylovetea old friend

—Mylovetea.com 茶博士

一片佳茗一份心, A piece of tea is a piece of love (from the tea people and the nature).

繁来相伴是知音。She keeps you company like a sweet cold-protection glove.

君家既解其中味,Since you understand and enjoy her love.

可化烦难可度辛。She will embrace you until all the snows dissolve.


华夏墨香六君子 Six Saints Tea From The fortune state of China (Tea From Fujian)

—Mylovetea.com 茶博士

茉莉迎春金骏冬, The fortune Jasmine embraces the spring, while the King of Black Tea warms up the winter.

观音拂夏红袍秋。 The Tea Pop colors the fall, while the Health Goddess breeze the summer.

天湖山水果花绿, The heaven lake mountains and fountains nutrient the fruit, green and flower (teas).

一路健福无所忧。 The life-long journey in the wonder world of tea is a fortune with no bother.

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My Love Tea Dr. Tea international peer review paper on “Tea and Cancer Prevention” had been published on Journal of Cancer Research Updates Vol 4, No 2 (2015).

Xingcai Zhang (My Love Tea Dr. Tea)



Cancer remains one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century, therefore anti-cancer drugs and their delivery systems are under developing for better treatment. Tea is the amazing gift nature offered to us with great health benefits. Tea polyphenols especially EGCG and Theoflavins have widely been studied and expected to be a very promising nature polyphenol for the prevention of cancer, cardiology disease, aging, weight control etc. Here “Dr. Tea” summarized the past studies about tea and cancer prevention, through the chemical composition, structure, epidemiologic study and mechanism analysis. And based on the epidemiologic study results, a layer-by-layer multi-functional drug delivery system and synergy studies based on our past scientific working experience had been proposed for future tea and cancer research. A “Healthy, Harmony, Pure & Nature” tea-style of living is proposed for all human-beings towards a better living “self” and a better society.





  1. 4/16/2016 -5/30/2016 World Tea Day, North American

4/16/2016 Harvard Square, 4/23/2016 MIT, 4/30/2016 Boston Tea Party & Ship Museum, May around US

organized by  North American Chinese Tea Association chair Dr. Tea

and Mylovetea.com. Contact us at mylovetea@outlook.com 225-304-1387 wechat:drtea1 to participate or volunteer.


2 Deputy Cunsul General Zhang`s New Lecture at Harvard 张美芳副总领事哈佛新演讲

What:The topic of Deputy Cunsul General Zhang`s New Lecture at Harvard will be on “The  Significant Implications of the 13th Five-Year Plan on the future Social and Economic Development in China and its Impact on China-US relations”.

Where:Porté Room S250, 2nd Floor, CGIS South 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge

When:04/29/2016 12:15-01:45 p.m.

The talk will be in English. Please send the questions you would like to ask to mylovetea@outlook.com and we will pick up three most widely asked for Deputy Consul General Zhang.

Coorganized by Harvard Asia Center;Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies;Mylovetea.com Dr. Tea

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