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Anhua Dark Tea 安化黑茶

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 Anhua Dark Tea:Daily drink to keep healthy and slim.  300g 2012

Product Description

  • Origin: Anhua county Hunan province China
  • Date of manufacture: 2012
  • Store Conditions: Store in airtight, opaque container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and peculiar smell.
  • Pure aroma, the color of tea water is bright red, mellow taste
  • Shelf life: long-term, the longer the better, the longer the more fragrant.


Daily drink to keep healthy and slim. it is also can be a good gift for others, especially to the women and the elders. it is healthy drink.


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Dark tea is one of the Chinese six tea categories and it is the China’s special tea class. Dark tea is a broad class of the floorboard of tea which is chosen certain maturity fresh leaf as raw material and made with deactivation of enzymes, pine fermentation, steam and press etc. procedures. It is the daily necessities of minority people who live in the northwest of China and Russia, and had been known in those areas as the “drink for life”  since it provides the tea polyohenols, vitamins and those necessary components for life. There is even a saying that, you can live without food for three days, but not a day without tea. Since it is often processed into brick form, so it also called as “compressed tea” or “brick tea”.

Anhua dark tea is developed with big leaf kind of group varieties from the tea areas in Xuefeng Mountains, Hunan Province. Processed by the four crafts of deactivation of enzymes, rolling, pile fermentation and pine wood fire drying, it is characterized by brownish-black oil color, mellow or slightly astringent taste, red bright and clear tea water as well as the quality characteristic with unique pine smoky flavor. It is the floorboard of the primary tea and the autoclave molding pressed tea which is made of the primary tea.


1. Taking 5-10g tea and putting it into teapot, the best temperature is 100 ℃ for brewing water. 2. Generally, the ratio of tea and water is 1:50. Using boiling water brewing 3-5 seconds and pouring out tea water. 3. Pouring into boiling water 7-10 seconds, then pouring tea water into cup to drink, with the increasing times of brewing, appropriate to extend the brewing time.

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