Boba Milk Tea

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Mylovetea provides the simplest yet the most tasty Boba Milk Tea. Free shipping all over US applied.

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Mylovetea provides the simplest yet the most tasty Boba Milk Tea:

1 Milk Tea Preparation: Simply add hot water(125-175 cc) into the My love tea cup or Harvard cups with 4 tea spoon (25g) of My Love Milk Tea for one serve. It is ready to enjoy as it is!

2 Tapioca pearls Preparation: Put half tea spoon of tapioca pearls into half spoon water boil for 5 minutes

3 Milk Bubble Tea: Add 1+2 together, serve, you will love it. Add ice and put into refrigerator if you like it to be cold.

Our 150g (5.3oz) package milk tea can serve 6 times best milk bubble tea.

The 100g (3.5oz) package bubble tapioca pearls can serve 10 times.



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1奶茶制备:用Mylovetea奶茶  4茶匙(或者两大汤匙)(25克),加入热水(125-175毫升)到Mylovetea茶杯哈佛茶杯即可享用!



用量:每次大概25g 奶茶(175ml水),10g珍珠(可酌量也可不加),可根据需要自行加冰冷藏冷饮。

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Boba Milk Tea

150g 6cups milk tea, 450g 18cups milk tea, 1000g 50cups milk tea, 100g 10cups tapioca, 500g 50cups tapioca, 1000g 100cups tapioca