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Earl Grey Creme Black Tea

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Organic Earl Grey Creme Black Tea

Product Description

Earl Grey Creme Black Tea 奶香伯爵红茶

  • A Lovely, Lower Caffeine Substitute To Your Daily Cup Of Coffee
  • With Its Strong & Creamy Taste This Tea Will Wake You Up In The Morning & Keep You Energized Without An Afternoon Crash. A Classic British Black Tea With A Creamy Bergamot Flavor Makes This A Must-Have Staple Among Your Tea Collection

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Ingredients:Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Cornflowers, and Creamy Natural Bergamot Flavor.

Tasting:For the perfect cup: Steep 1 1/2 teaspoon loose-leaf tea in 212°F water for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy hot or allow to cool before pouring over ice.

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56g(2oz), 450g(16oz)