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Kongfu Beauty Tea 功夫美人茶

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Kongfu Beauty Tea is made with Kongfu throughout every single processes!

Product Description

Kongfu Beauty Tea 功夫美人茶


Kongfu Beauty Tea: A type of highly recommended tea by Dr. Tea

It is a hometown tea of Dr. Tea famous for its high fragrance, bright color, pure and long-lasting taste made by Kongfu Tea Masters.

Put in Hot Water for 2 minutes and enjoy! Can also be enjoyed with milk, honey, lemon, coffee,champagne etc. A tasting one-time, love forever tea that you never wanna miss her. A beauty tea can be enjoyed multiple times just by refilling hot water and enjoyed for a whole day by yourself or with family, friends and colleagues. A beauty tea with Konfu, Mylovetea Kongfu Beauty Tea.

来自于 茶博士家乡的一款极为推荐的“色艳香高味醇”,花果香味明显持久,艳冠中西的一份好茶,做茶真功夫,诸君愛不停的一款美茶,可以持续冲泡,伴君一日之美而不失眠,回味无穷的极品好茶,茶博士极力推荐,也祝诸君开门红



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88g(3.2oz), 450oz(16oz)