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Matcha Beauty 抹茶美人

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Matcha Beauty 抹茶美人follows the traditional Chinese green tea steaming technology with more than thousand years history and had been spread to Japan and other parts of the world.

Product Description

Matcha Beauty is fine ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It follows the traditional Chinese green tea steaming technology with more than thousand years history and had been spread to Japan and other parts of the world.


Techonologically, it’s special in two aspects of farming and processing: The green tea plants for matcha are shade grown for about 3 weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing. Shaded growth produces more theanine and chlorophyll. That’s why matcha is more effective for improving mental focus with its higher theanine content, looks very green with more chlorophyll and tastes softer without stems and veins. Its theanine in combination with caffeine is supposed to offer energy boost without the typical jitter or crash associated with caffeine in coffee. Matcha is also more effective for ingesting all the content in the leaves because people consume its entirety as dissolved in water, latte, smoothie or other creations. The antioxidant catechins, especiallyEGCG in green tea leaves, is one of the main reasons that many health-conscious people consume green tea leaves or matcha specifically.

Historically, in ChinesTang Dynasty (618-907), tea leaves were steamed. The tea was prepared by roasting and pulverizing, and decocting the resulting tea powder in hot water, adding salt. In the Song Dynasty (960–1279), the method of making powdered tea from steam-prepared dried tea leaves, and preparing the beverage by whipping the tea powder and hot water together in a bowl became popular. Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Zen (Chan) Buddhists. 

Chinese methods of preparing powdered tea and the Zen Buddhism tradition were brought to Japan in 1191 by the monk Eisai. Although powdered tea has not been popular in China for some time, there is now a global resurgence in Matcha tea including in China. In Japan it continued to be an important item at Zen monasteries, and became highly appreciated by others in the upper echelons of society during the 14th through 16th centuries.  The Japanese tea ceremony or ancient Chinese tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. Most Japanese tea ceremony branch masters come back to China yearly to pray and showing great respect to the Chinese Tea souces and temples as their ancestors and traditional roots.

For the benefits of matcha:


  • High amount of antioxidants 
  • Boosts daily energy and accelerates metabolism
  • Supercharges the immune system
  • Enhances memory & concentration
  • Culinary Matcha — Great for adding into cakes, smoothies, tea drinks and other healthy recipes.





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