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Monkey King Green Tea

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Monkey King Green Tea: Top 10 Chinese Tea, highest quality green tea! It is legended to be plunked by monkey, and it is produced with the shape of Monkey King waving his Monkey King Bar. When in hot water, you can enjoy the Monkey King waving his bar. Enjoying it, you will be vigilant like Monkey King.

Product Description

Monkey King Green Tea

This pure Monkey King Green Tea is a top 10 tea in China. It won the “King of Tea” award in China Tea Exhibition 2004. Its shape is two large leaves envelop one bud, like the Monkey King waving his Monkey King Bar as is shown in our picture. It is produced only in the Yellow Mountain which is perpetually draped in misty clouds, ideal for tea growing. Buds and young leaves are hand plucked (by monkey according to the legendary) from the hillsides, then pan-fired, pressed flat between layers of cloth in a bamboo basket, and spread to cool to form this monkey king waing his bar shape, an unique tea you should not missed and not able to find else where.


Steep 1 Tablespoon in 8 oz cup (or 3g in 150ml)of hot water (80-85 °C).It opens up in the hot water like monkey king waving his bar.

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Health Benefit:

You will be vigilant like the monkey king and you benefit all that you can benefit from the green, with enlongated size!

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88g(3.2oz), 450g(16oz)