Mylovetea Costume

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Product Description

Mylovetea Costume was first known to the world at Mylovetea Dr. Tea`s third lecture at Harvard University talking about the Tea Harvard:Bohea Tea. As requested by customers, we provide size

“My Love Tea Costume”: Mylovetea Costume Also known as “Nature Costume”or “Green Mountain, Blue Water Costume” created by Dr. Tea. It is a traditional Han Costume with Blue and Green in Color. The Han Costume is an intake of tradition and history, which had been there for thousands of years in Chinese history. The Blue and Green of the“Nature Costume”or “Green Mountain, Blue Water Costume” represents the novel culture of “Healthy, Harmony, Pure & Nature” created and leaded by My Love Tea Dr. Tea.



If you like to order Mylovetea Costume, please let us know the specific bust/waist/hips/height size.

Common Body Measurements

Bust: Place the measuring tape across your nipples and measure around the largest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the tape parallel to the floor.

Chest: Place the measuring tape just under your breasts/pecs and measure around the torso while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Waist: Place the measuring tape about a 1/2 inch above your bellybutton (at the narrowest part of your waist) to measure around your torso. When measuring your waist, exhale and measure before inhaling again.

Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/buttocks and measure all the way around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.