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Orange Puerh Tea 柑普茶

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A very tasty functional puerh tea you shouldn`t miss.

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Product Description

Orange Puerh Tea 柑普茶 Soup:


Orange Puerh Tea is a specific type of tea from Guandong, China, where Dr. Tea get his first master there. Oranges (clementines) are hollowed out and filled with puerh tea (the puerh tea in our Orange Puerh Tea product we have in stock now is produced in the year 2011), then aged. The puerh tea leaves thus obtained when steeped, have a zesty orange smell and the tea is smooth and malty, with hints of orange, especially if you use part of the rind while steeping. It is a very tasty functional tea.



Orange Puerh Tea functions:
help to lose weight
help digestion
help to remove toxins in human body
help to refresh
lower cholesterol level in human body



Orange Puerh Tea 柑普茶 Tasting:



Orange Puerh Tea 柑普茶 Processing:

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