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Organic Six Peace Green Tea 六安瓜片

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Organci Six Peace Green Tea 六安瓜片有机茶:one of the top ten famous tea in China

Product Description

 Six Peace Green Tea  一生一世六安茶

Six Peace Green Tea is one of the top ten famous tea in China, and its origin is in Qiyun Mountain the area of Liu An Anhui Province. Its appearance like melon seeds, its color is green, and its aroma is fragrant. Six Peace Green Tea is produced in tea gardens in Liu An (Six Peace). Its picking time is in early spring, and the shape of tea is melon seeds, so it is named as Liu An Gua Pian in China.

It had owned the fine award of tea in Song Dynasty. That had been the tribute tea before Ming Dynasty. The color of Six Peace Green Tea (Liu An Gua Pian) is green, its aroma is fragrant, its taste is fresh and sweet, and it is resistant to brew as well. 



Original Unplunked Tea Leaves


Physical method for insect prevention and orgaic tea production


Fresh Tea Leaves



Firstly, observe the quality of tea from the color, the tender and shape. Secondly, smell the fragrant aroma from the boiling tea. Thirdly, enjoy the process about the movement of tea in the water. Fourth, taste the tea. Brew the tea with traditional ways of “pouring the water in high position, pouring out tea water in low position, getting rid of foam, and showering the lid”. Tea tasting should use the forefinger and thumb of right hand to hold the cup side, and the middle finger is at the cup bottom, which is called “Three dragons protecting a tripod”. Enjoying the color, fragrance, taste and appearance of tea is the main factor.

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