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Organic White Peony Tea 有机白牡丹茶

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Organic White Peony Tea 有机白牡丹茶

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Product Description

White Peony Tea 白牡丹茶

White Peony Tea is a type of white tea made from plucks each with one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves, from Fujian, China, Dr. Tea`s hometowm.

White tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant and contains polyphenols, a phytonutrient that is thought to be responsible for the tea’s health benefits.White tea contains the most antioxidants, frequently overlapping with chemical compositions found in green tea. This is due both to the variation between strain of Camellia sinensis, as well as the preparation process itself

mylovetea white peony te


 昨夜月照深似水, 入门唯觉一庭香。—唐·韦庄




Mylovetea white peony tea is best brewed with good mineral water at 80 °C (176 °F). The brew is a very pale green or golden color with a very mild peony aroma and a floral aroma. The flavor is fruity, with a delicate lingering fragrance and a fresh, mellow, sweet taste devoid of astringency, and grassy flavors.

Potential Benefits:

White tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant levels. It may be the supreme Drink of Health.

White Tea Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nutrients that protect the body from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are nasty things that go around wreaking havoc on your body, damaging DNA and accelerating aging. Antioxidants scoop them up and neutralize them. White tea is loaded with these protective nutrients.

Cancer Prevention

White tea may have profound power against cancer-causing cells and against many different types of cancer, such as colon, prostate, and stomach cancers. Flavonoids, a class of antioxidants, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent the development of new ones. In some cases, white tea has been found to work as well as prescription drugs, but without the side effects.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that white tea can thin the blood and improve artery function. It helps lower high blood pressure and maintain a healthy one. By promoting strong and healthy blood vessels, white tea guards against the ravages of stroke.

Lower Cholesterol

Catechins, another group of antioxidants, have been found to reduce cholesterol, and white tea is teeming with them. Cholesterol is a special type of fat and is necessary for health. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and white tea increases the good while decreasing the bad. This helps prevent hardening of the arteries and blockage of blood flow.

Heart Protection

By thinning the blood, lowering blood pressure, and reducing cholesterol, white tea protects the heart and the entire circulatory system. Researchers have also discovered that people who drink 2 or more cups of tea a day are almost 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack. White tea is truly a remarkable heart tonic.

Stronger Bones

Studies have found that people who drank tea regularly had greater bone density and strength than non-drinkers. White tea may also have beneficial effects for sufferers of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Antibacterial & Antiviral

White tea is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. The antioxidants so abundant in white tea tone the entire immune system, providing protection against a variety of invaders and a wide range of diseases. Its helps guard against the common cold and flu, and can ease the symptoms of HIV.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

White tea contains small amounts of fluoride and other nutrients which keeps the teeth strong and healthy. It also kills the bacteria which causes plaque, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Healthy Skin

Free radicals from staying out in the sun too long, stress, and a poor diet can damage the skin and cause it to prematurely age. By scavenging these free radicals, white tea protects the skin and helps to reverse some of the damage. Drinking white tea promotes healthy and radiant skin.

Other Health Benefits

It may reduce blood sugar and help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. It reduces stress and increases energy. White tea may or may not aid in weight-loss. Studies suggest tea may increase metabolism and encourage the body to burn more fat, but a balanced diet and regular exercise are more likely to produce results. Still, adding white tea to your weight-loss plan can’t hurt.

Review Of Health Benefits

White tea protects against cancer, heart disease, and stroke, the leading causes of death in the industrial world, as well as numerous other conditions. It eases the symptoms of illness and promotes recovery. White tea strengthens the circulatory and immune systems as well as bones and teeth, and builds healthy skin.

It is a superb tonic and one of Nature’s great gifts. We encourage you to add it to your life. To your good health!

mylovetea white peony tea

白牡丹茶产于福建省福鼎市、政和县等地,是中国福建历史名茶,属于白茶类;白牡丹外形毫心肥壮,叶张肥嫩,叶色灰绿,夹以银白毫心,呈“抱心形”,叶背遍布洁白茸毛;冲泡后毫香鲜嫩持久;滋味清醇微甜;汤色杏黄明亮或橙黄清澈;叶底嫩匀完整,叶脉微红,布于绿叶之中,有“红装素裹”之誉。 因其绿叶夹银白色毫心,形似花朵,冲泡后绿叶托着嫩芽,宛如蓓蕾初放,故得美名白牡丹茶。

有润肺清热的功效,常当药用 且茶中富含人体所需的氨基酸、茶多酚、矿物质、多种维生素及锌、硒等微量元素,具有 具有祛暑、通血管、生津止渴、清肝明目、提神醒脑、镇静降压、防龋坚齿、解毒利尿、除腻化积、减肥美容、养颜益寿、防治流感、防御辐射、防癌抗癌等诸多功效,是当今公认安全又营养的绿色健康饮品


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