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Zhuyeqing Bamboo Leaf Tea 竹叶青

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Zhuyeqing Bamboo Leaf Tea

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Zhuyeqing Bamboo Leaf Tea 竹叶青

Zhu Ye Qing tea is from Emei mountain, Sichuan province of China.Zhu Ye Qing, literally means bamboo green, is becoming one of the most popular green tea in recent years. It is named by Chen Yi, the Foreign Minister of China at that time, went to Emei Mountain to conduct the inspection, Marshal Chen Yi looked carefully into the tea in cup, the tea water was clear and leaves were green, full of life, so he said heart-felt, “It’s really like the tender bamboo leaf, we can just call it zhu ye qing” (literally Green Bamboo Leaf). 
Zhu Ye Qing tea is very good floral aroma and taste, special for its light golden-green liquor color and fragrant aroma. Its faintly-sweet and smoothness taste comforts your throat. This Zhu Ye Qing tea will display a good view in the glass cup, standing up and down in the cup. 


How to Brew Zhuyeqing Green Tea: 
1. Recommended glass cup to view tea buds displaying in the cup. 
2. Glass cup; 2-3 grams per time (based on personal taste); 
3. The first infusion is 85-90C degree or 185-194F for about 2-3 minutes; 
4. The second is about 3-4 minutes. 

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40g(1.5oz), 400g(15oz)