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Zisha Teapot 紫砂壶

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Zisha Teapot 紫砂壶 is

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“Zisha Teapot 紫砂壶 is the lover of the tea of the past life!” Said by Mylovetea Dr. Tea. “They both are from the nature soil and behave the best when they meet each other”. Besides, Mylovetea clay pots are not only good for heat transfer that treats those My Love Tea the best from the scientic way, but also has high culture value with those high-end beauty of nature flowers and keep-improving technology based on thousand years technology developed at our hometown: Fujian and Jiangxi of China.

If you are a tea geek, then Mylovetea tea sets are exactly what you are looking for. Simply get a beautiful traditional Chinese tea set to appreciate the sophisticated artwork of beautiful natural scenery. A piece of Mylovetea tea set is a perfect piece for home deco, culture entertainment and tea enjoyment.—Mylovetea Dr. Tea



 “人间珠宝何足取,宜兴紫砂最要得” 紫砂壶是中国特有的手工制造陶土工艺品,紫砂壶制作始于明朝正德年间,制作原料为紫砂泥,原产地在江苏宜兴丁蜀镇。艺术性和实用性的完美结合使得紫砂壶弥足珍贵,令人回味无穷。更加上紫砂壶泡茶的好处、和茶禅一味的文化,这就又增加了紫砂高贵不俗的雅韵。

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