World Tea Day

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World Tea Day successfully held in Harvard and MIT

4/16-24/2016 at Harvard Square and MIT the first North America’s World Tea Day event was officially launched by North American Chinese Tea Association and Dr. Tea, sponsored by YiLiuBang.

World Tea Day was initiated by eight major China national-level tea research, education and culture agencies in year 2005 and was first officially held in China in Apr. 20th, 2009 at Hangzhou West Lake International Tea Culture Expo. The “World Tea Day” had thus been held in China for 8 years continuously, and now also in French, India etc and had attract tremendous attention worldwide. This year, Hangzhou city government, China Radio International, eight major China national-level tea research, education and culture agencies, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Hangzhou tea promotion association, North American Chinese Tea Association and Dr. Tea are the main organizers of the World Tea Day event, accompanied by all kinds of tea organizations in and out of China.

The first North America’s World Tea Day event had attracted a large number of people came to Harvard Square and MIT to enjoy a cup Tea with Love. At Harvard University, it was launched in front of Harvard statue by Dr. Tea and then people moved to Harvard Square where tea-tables are set-up with good famous teas from China and the world. People gathered and sit around tables, under the guidance of Dr. Tea etc. Rather than serving themselves or by Dr. Tea, people serve the ones right besides them. By doing this, love moves on and ultimately everyone who served others was rewarded with a cup of tea with love and gratitude, people began to understand the meaning of Dao and Tea is love, and understand that “the World is one, I love everyone, and everyone loves me”. Therefore it is named as mylovetea ceremony that is expressing love through a cup of tea.

The North American World Tea Day event slogan was enjoying tea, adopted from Buddha Zhaozhou, who lived an age of 120, meaning “enjoy tea, enjoy life, enjoy the moment” as is said by Dr. Tea.

The North American World Tea Day event attracted many participants, people from various countries and regions are involved, and a lot of people expressed their happiness to have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of high-quality Chinese tea. Health Goddess, West Lake Beauty Tea, Jasmine Beauty, Notoginseng tea, functional herbal tea, kongfu beauty tea, flower tea, ginseng oolong, monkey king green tea etc are provided, those teas are not only sweet and refreshing, but also very healthy and nature. Many people are full of praise of the good teas and the mylovetea ceremony expressing love through a cup of good tea. They consider it as new and interesting, simple exciting way of expressing love. There are many foreign friends asked if they could buy on site, Dr. Tea and other organizers said that the World Tea Day offers free tea for love. Through this event, many foreign friends know more about the Chinese tea culture, not only know that China is the hometown of tea, the birthplace of tea culture, but also understand that tea is the healthiest drink. Participants expressed their interest in participating in other tea activities organized by mylovetea dr. tea.

The North American World Tea Day had been reported by China Radio International CRI, China Daily USA, Chinese Tea Academy/Headlines in Tea, Bostonese, Singtao Internation, Hangzhou Tea Promotion Association, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University News, Tea Stories, Jinan Times Tea Newspaper, Hunan TV Tea channel etc. During the media interview, Dr. Tea expressed a lot of Thankfulness to all participants, all the supportive team and media, Hangzhou government, China Radio International, and Prof. Wang Xufeng and all the working members of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Hangzhou tea promote association, and North America Chinese Tea Association. The North American World Tea Day is a great successful due to the love of all!

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2016 年4月16-23日,世界最高学府哈佛MIT正式举办了北美首个全民饮茶日(世界饮茶日、World Tea Day)活动,与国内杭州政府,中国国际广播电台,8大国字号茶机构,浙江农林大学,杭州茶促会,以及各地的全民饮茶日活动交相辉映。活动由北美华茶驿站负责人 mylovetea.com茶博士张兴才等隆重推行,由留学好帮手“易留帮”冠名赞助。活动吸引了大量民众来到哈佛广场与麻省理工学院品茶问道。活动在哈佛铜像前正式开启,在哈佛广场与民众交融,人们聚合在圆桌旁,在茶博士等的指引下了解全民饮茶日,并向身边的朋友敬茶,通过这样一种愛的传递活动,最终敬茶人也都能喝到带着满满愛与感恩的美茶,茶博士称之为愛之茶道礼,也叫mylovetea ceremony, 据此大家也明了了世界是一个有机的整体,我愛人人,人人愛我的茶道本意,领悟“自然 健康 纯美 和谐”的茶和人生内涵。本次北美全民饮茶日的活动口号采用了享年120岁的唐朝赵州活佛的“吃茶去”,引领大家明了享受茶,享受生活,享受当下的禅茶一味的美学和人生况味,得到了一致的好评。这个活动已经在中国举办到第8届了,全民饮茶日由中国8家国字号茶机构共同发起的,如今印度,法国等国家也相继参与进来,本次在哈佛广场的北美全民饮茶日活动有望在未来促进联合国正式通过全民饮茶日的决议,也在很大程度上促进了中国茶文化在北美的传播和认可。 易留帮凝聚17年行业经验建立APP连接中国留学生和各行业留美精英,提供适应、学业、就业的便捷有效帮助,让留美华人在校园和职场的互助更上规模更有效率。易留帮是第三方平台,欢迎各优秀留学行业机构和精英的合作。






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Sponsor: village (11) village (12) village (13) village (14) village (20)


“World Tea Day/全民饮茶日、吃茶去

The “World Tea Day” had been held in China for 8 years, and now also in French, India etc and had attract tremendous attention as you can see from the organizing, supporting units and highest level medias that are already involved in the event. People pass by will be served with great tea for free, while the volunteering tea providers will say:”World Tea Day, Enjoying Tea.” And people share their tea drinking experiences if they want too. 世界饮茶日,吃茶去!This act is an act to warm people up by a cup of good tea, and is a great traditions dating back to Chinese Tang Dynasty.

Time: Saturday, Apr. 16th, 2016 (US Time) will be the China-US and other countries “World Tea Day” interaction day. Video connections and Media exposures will be focused on this day. Other days from Apr to May are also good for people to provide tea of kindness.


Harvard Square, MIT Student Center etc are among the selected demonstration places. Anywhere you can serve people with tea in the world will be good.

How to participate: 1) Provide Tea; 2) Come by enjoy tea. 3) Share your tea with people and record or picture and share it with on or or by email village (4)


Hangzhou City Government / China Radio International


China Radio International West-Europe/America Center

Tea Culture College, Zhejiang Agriculture University

Hangzhou China Tea Capital Brand Promoting Association Dr. Tea, North American Chinese Tea Association village (16)

Supporting Units:

China International Tea Culture Research Society

International Promotion of Chinese Tea Culture Communication Base

Hangzhou Tourism Committee

International Esperanto Association

Hangzhou City Brand Promotion

G20 members Esperanto organizations

Hangzhou Tea Scenic Zone

G20 seats exhibition implementation team

Xixi Creative Industry Park Management

Committee of Zhejiang East China Film Group village (18)

Media Support:

China Radio International

China Daily USA

International Online

Xinhua News Agency Zhejiang Branch

People’s Daily Zhejiang Branch

The Voice of China

Zhejiang TV

Zhejiang Online

Hangzhou TV

Hangzhou People’s Broadcasting Station

Hangzhou Daily

Evening News

We would consider making this event at Harvard Square and other related locations. Great Tea will be served for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you very much for making a better world by a cup of tea. If you need any further information, feel free to contact us.

Best Dr. Xingcai Zhang (Dr. Tea) CEO (wechat:drtea1)  1-225-304-1387

Chair of North American Chinese Tea Association. village (15)


“World Tea Day/全民饮茶日/吃茶去”
全民饮茶日在国内办了八届了 法国 印度等地也开始举办 北美也将首次举办 这个活动未来有可能促成世界饮茶日 最简单讲 会在大学附近等地方提供免费茶饮给路人 并问候“今天你喝茶了吗” 。这次活动在北美正式启动,欢迎各地亲们联系茶博士(微信drtea1)参与互动 感恩!

参与方式 1)寄茶参与 2)与周边人/自然分享茶并邮寄照片给我们,最好带有 “world tea day/全民饮茶日/吃茶去” 等字样 3)您能想到的其他参与方式


杭州中国茶都品牌促进会 茶博士
北美华茶驿站 village (7)

中国国际茶文化研究会 汉语国际推广茶文化传播基地
杭州市旅委会 国际世界语协会
杭州市城市品牌促进会 G20成员国世界语组织
杭州市风景名胜管委会 G20茶席展实施团队
西溪创意产业园管委会 浙江东海电影集团 village (10)

China Daily USA village (5)

在北美承办全民饮茶日(详情见后面) 时间紧迫 欢迎各地亲们赐茶 中国国内可以直接寄到指定地点同一邮寄过来茶博这 或者联系茶博参与互动 感恩 联系微信drtea1

收件人:阮小姐转茶博士 收

美国收件地址:Dr Tea 844 dorchester ave,Boston,ma,02125 village (17)
说明:寄茶活动主要是希望能够有更多的朋友能够参与其中,我们将一并感谢,另外为方便大家,国内的朋友们可以寄茶到同一个地方 同一邮寄过来美国 请大家品饮 寄来的茶样我们会整理感谢 如果有特别喜欢的可能成为未来的合作伙伴。也特别提倡朋友们在自己所在的地方能够与大家互动免费分享品茶,更欢迎将您活动的照片发至 我们将一起推进世界的美好 用一杯好茶的时间。

更多活动相关参与方正在联系中 细节推进中 也欢迎各地尤其是寄茶的朋友们响应世界品茶日活动 将您活动的照片发至 我们将一起推进世界的美好 用一杯茶的时间。 传承唐风宋韵 吃茶去! village (6) village (9) village (19)